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Introduction to Media Studies - MEDIA 180, Section 1S1

Hunter College Department of Film & Media Studies

Summer’s Edge 2011

Session II

T, Th 12:30am-3:38pm

Hunter North 502

Prof. Doris Cacoilo

Office: HN 515

Email: dcacoilo@hunter.cuny.edu

Office Hours by Appointment

Course Description:

The mass media – print, radio, television, movies, and the Internet – are pervasive and ubiquitous, shaping our understanding of the world and ourselves. This course will provide an introduction to communications media and their relationship with culture, identity and politics. We will use both historical and contemporary examples to look critically at the media that saturates our society and begin to understand how media can produce meaning and create, uphold or undermine power relationships.

Required Reading: The textbook is available at Hunter College Bookstore. Other required readings will be distributed on Blackboard (bb.hunter.cuny.edu). You must print and bring these to class for discussion. Gain access to Blackboard and obtain the textbook immediately or you will fall behind.

Hanson, Ralph. Mass Communication: Living in a Media World. 3rd Edition. Washington, DC: CQ Press (2010).

Blog and internet access: You will need regular access to the Internet. Blackboard and email will be used to distribute course materials and information. Please make sure you also have access to Blackboard and your Hunter email. You will use the following blog to share your written assignments: http://media180sme2011.blogspot.com/ Be sure to sign up as an author during the first day of class (as you are invited.) You must consult the class blog daily to check for announcements, readings and to post your assignments. The blog is crucial to the course and your completion of the requirements. You MUST have access to the blog to complete assignments, get readings, post work and comment on students’ posts.

Attendance and participation:

Attendance and participation is required. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class, and will be considered when determining the final course grade. *More than three (3) absences will result in an 'F' (failure) for the class. No exceptions. Class begins on time. Lateness, leaving early or leaving class unexcused for an extended period of time will also be recorded. Two of these instances will count as one absence.

You are required to make up any and all work that is missed if you are absent. Notify the professor if you will be absent or e-mail asap. Work will not be accepted late, please contact the professor to hand in work on time if you will miss class!

Three Short Writing Assignments:

During the course you will have three writing assignments due, each worth 10% of your final grade. Assignments will be given in class and posted to the blog!!

Exams will include keywords and concepts and material from the lectures, screenings and readings. While lectures will review some key points from the readings, you are responsible for studying all assigned reading material. There will be no makeup exams in the absence of an emergency; please plan accordingly.

*Please note the dates of the exams. If you cannot make these dates, please drop the course to make room for other students.

Your final grade for the course will be determined as follows:

20% Attendance & Participation

30% Three Short Writing Assignments (10% each)

- posted to blog before class on the due date

- you must respond to one of your classmates posts per assignment

50% Two Exams

NOTE: BACK-UP your work frequently, even as you are working on the projects. Write and edit your posts locally before uploading them to the web. No excuses!

* If you have a disability which will affect your coursework, please notify the instructor within the first two weeks of class to ensure suitable arrangements and a comfortable working environment.

Contact The Office for Students with Disabilities, Hunter East 1119 Phone (212) 772-4882 or 4891, TTY: (212) 650-3230.

* This is a list of numbers which you can use if there is an emergency or crisis situation on the Hunter campus or if you need assistance at other times.

Security -B125 West - 772 - 4444; During business hours: Medical Office - Room 307 North - 772 - 4800; Office of Student Services - 1119 East - 772 - 4882 4891 (crisis counseling available), The Women's Center - 801 East - 772 - 4931.

Hunter's Reading/Writing center is where students receive tutoring in reading and writing skills, critical reading, and the writing process. Students can apply for a weekly appointment with a tutor and/or use drop-in services during scheduled hours. Students may also attend workshops offered at the Center throughout the academic year. http://rwc.hunter.cuny.edu/

* Statement on Originality of the Work

All work completed for this course must be completed by the student enrolled in the course. All work for this course must be made in this course and not fulfilling the requirements of another prior or current course unless pre-approved by the instructor. Plagiarism is a very serious academic offense which will result in penalties ranging from reduction of class grade to failure in the course. Plagiarism occurs when the ideas, images, and words, published or unpublished, of others are presented as one's own without citing the original source. Plagiarism also occurs when the papers, research, or creative works of another person are presented as one's own work.

All students need to be on the listserv FM-L to receive important departmental notices. Just email listserv@hunter.listserv.cuny.edu and leaving the subject line blank, write SUBSCRIBE fm-l (that's an "L" not a 1) in the body of message and you're set!


******PLEASE NOTE THAT THE FOLLOWING SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AND I WILL INFORM YOU OF SPECIFICS AND CHANGES PERTAINING TO THIS SCHEDULE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you ever have questions or concerns about the schedule, due dates, changes or anything else please e-mail dcacoilo@hunter.cuny.edu.

7/14 Th


Course Requirements

7/19 T

What is Media?

Reading Due Today: Hanson Chapter 1 and S. Baran’s “What is Culture?”

7/21 Th

Assignment #1 Due on Blog by 12pm

Media Ownership and Consolidation

Reading Due Today: Hanson, Ch. 3 The Media Business

7/26 T

Respond to at least one of your classmates’ assignments by 12pm

Books and Newspapers

Readings Due Today: Hanson, Ch. 4 Books, Hanson, Ch. 6 Newspapers

7/28 Th

Newspapers (Continued) Citizen Journalism

**Class Trip to NY Times Building/NY Public Library after class 3pm-6pm

8/2 T

Exam #1 All material through 7/28


Screening: Killing Us Softly 3: Advertising’s Image of Women

No readings due

8/4 Th

Assignment #2 Due on Blog by 12pm

Radio and Sound & Movies

Readings Due Today: Hanson, Ch. 7 Sound, Hanson, Ch. 8 Movies

8/9 T

Respond to at least one of your classmates’ assignments by 12pm


Reading Due Today: Hanson, Ch. 10 “The Internet” and Clay Shirky, “Everyone is a Media Outlet”

8/11 Th

Assignment 3 due on the blog by 12pm

Exam Review

**Class Trip to Paley Center after class 3pm-6pm

8/16 T

Exam #2 All material through 8/11

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