Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tragedy in Japan

One of the most memorable mediated experiences I’ve had was when Japan has hit by an earthquake and following a tsunami this past March. A magnitude of 9.0 earthquake shook northeast of Japan. Seeing Japan's tragic even made me feel how weak a small we are as humans in front of these natural disasters we have experienced around the world lately that we as humans have no control over. We never expect things like this to happen but it comes and wipes everyone away. When I saw the news broadcast that afternoon I literally thought the world is coming to an end. This was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Hurricane Katrina was nothing compared to the devastating images seen those live broadcast from Japanese news.I felt like things were just getting worse by the day and made me wonder what might happen next. I was a bit afraid something might happen to this side of the world. I remember seeing how the buildings collapsed beneath their eyes and how the ocean wiped everything on land. Thousands of cars were just floating and people were nowhere to be found. It was very sad hearing a girl's story of how she was shopping with her mom and had to meet at a certain location and she never came. My heart was overwhelmed.
When riding the train next morning the image came to my head again. For some reason I was feeling very nostalgic, like something had happened to me or my family and out of nowhere tears were running down my face. I felt as if this tragedy has happened to me. It was something I never felt before. This really caught my attention and I felt like I had some kind of connection with the people from Japan. Later that afternoon there was much attention given to this catastrophic event which made it worse for me. I just hate to see how families and homes vanished and people finding themselves lost in the middle of nowhere. I will always remember this heartbreaking moment. The saddest part about all this is that there is no one in this earth that could have prevented this from happening.

Being able to have an idea of what really happened geographically is important. The media provides information such as how these natural disasters occur and gives us a better understanding of what happened. Now, many people that once didn't know the process of an earthquake and how the plates of the earth may clash against each other can understand and explain to others what happened.The media also made major contribution in helping Japan. From telethons to concerts to sending a text from your phone to donate the media helped spread the word out and tell others.

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